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APRIL 2021

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March 2021 slipped away like the neighbor’s cat that slinks out of sight at my approach. No matter, I have always preferred APRIL. Sunny, clear, and warm. Very warm, with California facing another drought. Though in France, you keep your umbralla at hand for “En avril, ne te decouvre pas d’un fil.” (In April, do not take one thread off!”)

Ooh la la—quel soulagement! Who would have thought that a simple jab in the arm could provide such relief. Funny how it lifted the cloud of COVID off our shoulders, yet whisps of it do remain. My mask now feels like a necessary appendage. And shaking hands has morphed into a faux pas. My husband and I have decided to adopt new ways of greeting others: Right hand on our heart with a slight bow of the head, Middle Eastern style: as salaam aleikum, or in Moroccan darija dialect, Labbas ahlik. We also like the Thai custom of joining hands as if in prayer with a little bow of the head. Sawwadee khaa (fem.)?? Sawwadee khrap (yep—masc.!!)

Apart from figuring out how to interact socially, I am immersed in writing, editing, and indulging in a good amount of “research rapture.” I had forgotten the amount of work it takes to write a cookbook/memoir: first, the story, then, selecting the recipes in French, translating them and adapting grams to US cups and tablespoons, then, recipe testing. All that and my husband’s gorgeous food photography. Sixteen months and counting! It’ll be done when it is done.

Days and weeks slip by at such speed, it leaves me breathless. The rest of my time is spent at bi-weekly Jazzercise classes, masked, socially distanced and IN PERSON! And in private sessions with an Italian instructor based in Guanajuato, MEX. The wonders of the Internet!

That doesn’t mean I have given up on the Kasbah Chronicles, or on you lovely readers who contact me throughout the year: Bienvenue once again!

Please don’t give up on me..

Check “Kitty is selling ” link for updates on the Moroccan antiques and artifacts I am selling..

A bientot,


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