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6 thoughts on “Cooking Classes and Appearances 2015

  1. Judy Gilliard

    Hi Kitty,
    I moved back to CA last year (Ventura) I am going to be teaching a Moroccan class in Feb and featuring your recipes and I will bring your books to class and get out you web site to order…..I hope attending one of your classes again!

    My website crashed and I am redoing it now….yeaks…I will feature your books and website as I still remember so well the wonderful class I took from you!
    Cheers to 2015,

  2. Kitty

    Thank you Judy! Ventura is full of wonderful California farms, as well. I will probably make my way up the state to promote Mint Tea and Minarets sometime this year.

    Keep on cooking!

  3. Jane Hopkins

    I really enjoyed your Minarets and Mint Tea afternoon at Susan’s. It was a fun way to learn. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and can hardly wait to try the recipes. The photos are beautiful. I see a Moroccan dinner for one of our future Gourmet Group dinners.

  4. sami


    I am interested in Moroccan cooking & would like to know if Judy Gilliard has started her cooking classes in Ventura. I live her & would be very interested in attending.

    Thank you much.

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