ALO Magazine/Mint Tea and Minarets

MInt Tea and MInarets and recipes reviewed in

Alo magazine is dedicated to the Middle East and North Africa:

“ALO magazine has served as a forum for understanding the Middle Eastern culture and

a tool for those within to keep true to their heritage. Despite the world’s disorder and

conflict, ALO’s central focus remains unchanged: maintaining editorial integrity while

striving to push the publication’s quality ever higher each quarter. – See more at:



3 thoughts on “ALO Magazine/Mint Tea and Minarets

  1. Sharon Briffett

    Hi Kitty – I was in your class at the Arboretum in Arcadia last spring. LOVED IT!!! I mentioned that I put preserved lemon in my homemade hummus. It’s delish! You have inpsired me to visit Morocco. I know you no longer take groups to Morocco, but I was wondering which travel agency do you trust to make such a trip with? Also what time(s) of year is best to visit there? Thanks for your advice.
    Sharon Briffett
    PS I have also visited the Fraser Farm store at your recommendation – wonderful!


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